REFLINE vanishing spray


Product Description

Vanishing spray aerosol for Soccer referees to mark a free kick wall.

A great tool to assist Soccer referees to control and prevent players from encroaching the designated 10 yard free kick wall. Shake the can, point it towards the ground and then press the trigger. The spray line foams up for better visibility. Designate the position of the ball as a semi circle and the player wall as a 4 to 6 feet long line, 3 to 5 inches wide. REF LINE will disappear in 4 minutes. Best price directly from manufacturer.

5.5 ounces per can. Buy individual cans or 12 cans per case.


A must use tool for soccer referees to control players joshling and encroaching for positions during free kick past the designated 10 yard wall distance. Soccer referees can use this tool as a temporary visual marker for ensuring fair play. This product has been used in several countries and is now adopted in the US. No need to pay a crazy price for such an essential tool. Buy directly from us at an affordable price.

  • Designed for easy clip on and clip off. Mark a semi-circle where ball is to be placed.
  • Special mechanism prevents accidental spray. Marks a line for the player defensive wall.
  • Is safe for the user, environment and grass. Will not stain shoes or uniforms.
  • More product per can – 5.5 ounces. BEST PRICE.
  • Spray 16 inches away from the ground to make a 6 inch wide line.
  • In windy, cold or rainy conditions keep can about 8 inches above ground.
  • The closer to the ground the taller foam line is formed.
  • One can will mark a minimum seven ball semi-circles and seven wall lines. Covers 50 feet.
  • It is recommended to use a new can at half time.
  • A spare can should be kept on hand if the first can runs out during a match.
  • Disposal of REFLINE cans is safe and not harmful to the environment.


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