Product Description

Long Striping wand to spray paint from upside down aerosol cans.

Three foot tall striping wand, with a spray trigger on top and a small detachable wheel at the bottom to spray upside-down inverted aerosol marking paint cans. Use to mark athletic field layout lines, traffic lanes-lines layout, construction zones, underground utilities, golf course hazards.


Easy to use, convenient aerosol can long spray wand to spray upside down aerosol marking paint cans. Easy to use, ships in a box, remove from box attach the wheel, install aerosol can and ready to use  Note : if the paint actuation Trigger ( coat hanger type ) does not get aligned with the installed aerosol can spray tip exactly in middle, then just move the trigger arm up or down by thumb pressure to have it hit square and in the middle of the spray tip.

  • Light weight, Sturdy, Easy to use.
  • Easy soft trigger mechanism.
  • Spray short lines and / or skip alignment spots.
  • Excellent for spraying Golf Course out of bounds line markings.
  • Use to identify utility markings, construction markings, construction zones, flower beds.
  • Mark soccer field corner arc, Soccer Field circles, Football Field Hash marks.
  • If you have any questions, please feel free to call our toll free phone number.


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