SPRAYCHALK temporary chalk – Case Of White (12 cans per case)


Product Description

Temporary Removable marking chalk for synthetic turf, asphalt, concrete.

Temporary and completely removable line, logo, sign, marking chalk for synthetic turf fields, asphalt, concrete and numerous other substrates. Available in Bright White and 10 vibrant fluorescent colors. Lines, logos and signs will wash away ( disappear ) with weather exposure or wear off with excessive traffic. Any unwanted lines can be easily brushed off or washed away with soapy water whenever needed.

Priced by the case-Twelve cans 18 oz by wt, 20 oz by vol.


Manufactured by USSC, this Eco friendly water based proprietary formula is specifically designed to stripe temporary removable lines and paint temporary logos on synthetic turf fields. Available in white and 10 vibrant colors. No other company has the quality, performance and selection as USSC SprayChalk. Aerosol cans will not clog and will empty completely. SprayChalk is designed to spray sharp, bright lines which are safe for all types of synthetic turf fields and other surfaces. Cans are fitted with universal ” T ” tips that fit most machines and will spray a 2 to 4 inch wide adjustable line. SC is also available in a narrow spray pattern cylindrical UMA tips.

  • Available in bright white and 10 vibrant colors, including fluorescent colors.
  • Use for temporary lines and logos on synthetic field turf.
  • Easily removable without the use of a strong REMOVER.
  • Removes completely from synthetic turf athletic fields, no ghosting.
  • Wears off in a few weeks when used as survey marking paints and utility locating paint.
  • The above property of SprayChalk eliminates street graffiti.
  • Convenient, easy SETUP and easy CLEANUP.
  • Spray is adjustable 2 to 4 inch wide line.
  • Universal ” T ”  tip that fits most striping machines and spray wands.
  • Use white for temporary Soccer or Football lines on synthetic field turf.
  • Use red & yellow for temporary Lacrosse lines on synthetic field turf.
  • Use turf green to temporarily cover-up lines, logos on synthetic field turf.

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 2 in


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